An Open Letter To The Girl Scouts Of America

Someone pray for my diet because it’s officially Girl Scout Cookie season! It’s so hard to say no to a box of thin mints when it’s being pushed by a little girl outside the grocery store. But I have some suggestions for the people behind Girl Scout cookie season that may boost sales. 

Dear Girl Scout Cookie Gods,

Before I get into my diatribe about your unfortunate timing of Girl Scout Cookie season, let me first introduce myself. I am Kelly. I am a former Girl Scout and top cookie sales person, so I know how this all works. Although I was kicked out of scouts and my troop was disbanded because of a camp incident I still feel like I can help boost your sales come 2018.

It’s a nice thought to kick off cookie season right after the New Year. It’s a fresh start and a new initiative to focus on. But as you know, most people are on some post-holiday, New Year New Me Diet and fitness kick. It seems to me that this is some poor planning on your part. What if you bumped Girl Scout Cookie season back to start in say September 1st? At that point, bikini season is over, and baggy clothes that can hide a few extra pounds from eating Thin Mints are in. It’s a no-brainer.

I did a little research and your cookies although heavenly… are full of sugar, carbs, and fat! Eating just four Thin Mints is 160 calories. While that’s not terrible and measure up to a lot of other favorite cookies on the market, I can’t just eat four cookies in one sitting. How many think mints are in a sleeve? How many in a box? You can see how dangerous these cookies could be for a former fattie like me.

While this year you are offering two new cookie choices and it may be hard for this former chubby girl scout cookie loving woman to resist, I will. I won’t download the APPs that help me locate cookie sales. I most certainly won’t torture myself with the Yankee candles that smell like your cookies. Oh and the coffee creamer that’s Thin mint flavored, that won’t be in my fridge either.

So please, please, please reconsider your annual cookie season, and it’s timing! I’d be more apt to buy all the cookies in the Fall! You might be able to sway my opinion if you send me a few boxes of Thin Mints and the new Smores cookies to try. But just know, I can’t be easily bribed.

Love ya, mean it!

Kelly Meyers

Troop 367 Edwardsville PA

Oh and if you want to read more about the new cookie flavors check out the article below.


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