Meal Prepping Can Make It Much Easier to Stay On Plan

You’re super busy with work, your family, friends, and working out that sometimes you don’t make the best choices when it comes to your meals. Did you that 92% of people who eat fast food said they choose this option because it was quick and convenient? But with a little forethought, planning, and meal prepping, healthy eating can be just as fast and convenient as hitting the drive through.

Resolutions to get healthy in 2017 increased by almost 14% compared to last year. As more people look to improve their health, more people are starting to use meal prepping to help them stay on their diets. But dietary concerns are not the only reason for the boom in meal prepping. The American Journal of Preventative Medicine found that “the less time spent preparing meals at home was associated with significantly more money spent on food away from home and more frequent use of fast food restaurants compared to those who spent more time on food preparation.”

If the biggest concern about meal prep is that it will be time-consuming, you’ll be surprised to know that it actually helps save time in the long run. Instead of having to prepare your breakfast or lunch daily, you make a few of these meals ahead of time one day per week. A Seattle Obesity Study found that people who prepared meals and food ahead of time tended to eat more servings of both fruits and vegetables. They also wasted less food, spent less money on food, and were generally healthier than those who didn’t meal prep.

So pick a day when you a have a few hours, head to the grocery store for supplies, and experiment in the kitchen. Pinterest and even Instagram can be great resources for getting starting and jumping on the meal prepping bandwagon.


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