New Bike Share Program Will Help Charlotte Get Active

If you are out and about in Charlotte, NC when the weather is beautiful, you are sure to see lots of people walking, running, and getting active. But you probably wouldn’t ever guess that Charlotte is one of the bottom twenty-five cities for overall health. The largest town in North Carolina has an average temperature of 59 degrees and a favorable climate to spend a lot of time outside year round.

Perhaps one of the cities latest initiatives, a bike share program, can help bring the city up a few notches on the healthy city list for 2017. Just like a car share program, Charlotte B-Cycle charges customers based on miles traveled and time used. Customers can opt to become an annual member, student/short term member, or purchase a twenty-four-hour pass.

The new program is encouraging Charlotteans to ditch their cars and use a bike to get around town instead. Riding a bike isn’t only good for the environment, but it also has many great health benefits. Cycling can help you burn fat, tone your muscles, improve sleep, and even helps your heart perform better too. The city of Charlotte has a pretty large cycling population and hosts many bike events like bike to breakfast coming in April.

Also, many employers in Charlotte’s financial industry are offering their employees discounted memberships for the new bike share program and other incentives for biking to work instead of driving. With the introduction of Charlotte B-Cycle more people will have access to bikes on a regular basis and also have the opportunity to use them to help the environment as well as improve their heath.

So if you haven’t ridden a bike in quite some time and aren’t 100-percent sure it’s for you, this new bike program in Charlotte allows you to try it before you commit to buying your own bike.


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