Mecklenburg County Is One of North Carolina’s Healthiest


Head out to any Mecklenburg County Greenway on a warm, Spring day, and you will see lots of people walking, biking, and playing various sports. Each year the University of Wisconsin and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation put out a list of the healthiest counties in each of the states. Mecklenburg County, home of NC‘s largest city Charlotte, ranked 8th out of 100 for being the healthiest.

For Charlotteans and other residents of Mecklenburg County, the findings aren’t completely surprising. Charlotte’s climate offers its people an average of 218 days of sunshine and average high temperature of 54 degrees.

In 2015, the County was a finalist for a National Excellence in Youth Sports Award for its incredible array of sports programs for children and youth. And adults also have plenty of opportunities to get out and join a league. Mecklenburg County currently has adult leagues for flag football, tennis, swimming, and running to name a few.

The county continues to expand its already vast greenway system that is comprised of 37 miles of developed and 150 miles of undeveloped greenways. Currently, there are 18 active projects to create new greenways or expand existing greenways in the county. These spaces allow county residents a place to walk, run, bike, and get active. The B-Cycle Program has also seen growth with multiple expansions into new locations, giving rental bike access to more and more residents. This bike sharing program allows more and more people to hit the roads and trails giving more people access to affordable ways to exercise and get active.



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