Fitness and Craft Beer Create a New Culture in Charlotte

When you think of working out, you probably don’t think of rewarding yourself afterward with a tall glass of your favorite Craft beer. It’s a new trend called “Beer Fitness,” and it’s a culture that is trending worldwide and growing in popularity in Charlotte, North Carolina. was created to serve this growing community of people looking for cheap fitness classes, a social scene, and some local Charlotte beer.

Seven days a week you can find a fitness class in and around Charlotte that also serves local craft beer after the workout.  Whether you like to run, cycle, do yoga or are into CrossFit, there’s a class option for you. These Beer Fitness classes are typically held outside of the studio or gym inside or adjacent to one of Charlotte’s many local breweries. The out of the box locations and beer tend to attract a wider audience to these classes.

Andrew Gordon, the owner of Vital Yoga Center, hosts a beer yoga class twice per week. Gordon said, “You know I want to serve the people who are not targeted by the yoga industry. It’s not a bunch of people wearing lulu lemon and doing a handstand over Machu Picchu, eating kashi. There’s more to the market than that.” This whole new concept of working out and enjoying beer afterward is bringing people out that otherwise would never try yoga. Matt Barry and his wife Kelly attended their first class with Gordon this past Saturday. “Yeah, the beer part of it helped make it less stuffy and it piqued our interest. I think we’ll definitely be back to try another class soon,” said Barry.

So if you love to workout and be social, you should check out one of the numerous Beer Fitness classes in Charlotte. Come for the fitness and stay for the beer.




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